Weekend? Here are some ideas for you and your weekend Canvas Tote!

1. Call a long-lost friend for brunch at a farmer’s market; bring your Tulisan Tote for a pop of summer color to your outfit and for impromptu strawberry-shopping.

2. Go independent bookstore-hopping. As you carry your chic tote, prove to the world that bookstores aren’t just for nerds and book snobs. When you’ve picked 2 Neil Gaimans and 3 random travel books of cities you’ve never heard of, thank yourself for bringing a large, roomy tote.

3. The beach is always a good idea, no? Pack some sun glasses in your tote (thankfully it’s water-resistant), sit next to the waves and roll out a blanket; read the new books you’ve got until the sun sets.

More about Tulisan: http://www.tulisan.com/id/about/about-tulisan/

Find it at: https://www.tokotoko.us/

or visit Booth# SL3041 at Source Direct at ASD, July 30 - August 2, 2017, Las Vegas Convention Center.


You'll be sure to find more Indonesian-designed and Indonesian-sourced products that will fit both the weekend fun and the daily grind!