The 3rd Annual Indonesian Coffee Festival | Coffee Auction & Exhibition | Arabica Coffee Origin Tour (West Java and Sumatra)



The 3rd Annual Indonesian Coffee Festival (ICF)

October 17-19 | Bali, Indonesia


Jakarta, August 14 2014 - Ministry of Trade of Indonesia is back to support the implementation of the Indonesian Coffee Festival (ICF) for the 3rd time, which will be held at Prama Sanur Beach, Bali on 17-19 October 2014, "Implementation of a 3rd ICF is an earnest effort and continuous of the International coffee stakeholders and Indonesian coffee lovers to make Indonesia as the center of the world's coffee." said the Vice Minister of Trade, Mr Bayu Krisnamurthi at a press conference launching the IFC.

ICF 2014 is targeted to bring 100 major international coffee buyers, among others, are of the United States (USA), Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Canada, Belgium, England, and he Netherlands. The number of exhibitors also increased from the previous year, with more than 50 exhibitors both from within and outside the country, as well as 7,500 domestic and foreign visitors.

Participants of the festival consist of plantations, roasters, brewers, coffee machines, café brands, coffee utensils, coffee bars, and coffee merchandising. For lovers of the world of beauty, ICF brings spa coffee as an alternative. This event will also be enlivened performing arts, business matchmaking, coffee auction, workshops roasting, brewing workshops, café, coffee bar, and a coffee farm visit to Kintamani, Bali.



• coffee beans best of the best 'from Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, Flores and Papua., Will be auctioned to the international coffee importers and employers national coffee



• in collaboration with the Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products, Ministry of Agriculture.,> 50 coffee farmers archipelago will be met directly with importers and foreign coffee national coffee entrepreneurs | @IndoCofFest | Proudly supported by



"Indonesian Specialty Coffee Auction & Exhibition" 

at Trade Expo Indonesia


October 8 - 12 | Jakarta, Indonesia


Auction Activity Indonesian Specialty Coffee is the third time held in Indonesia and this year will be attended by 31 company / farmer. The buyers not only have the opportunity to attend the auction and get a specialty coffee with best quality (have passed the selection made ??by the grading Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia), but also the opportunity to meet directly with employers and / or the coffee growers, roasting watch demos and classes , follow buyer's cupping, watch a show latte art throw down that made ??the baristas, and many other activities. |



"Arabica Coffee Origin Tour (West Java and Sumatra)"

October 12-13 2014 to the region of West Java 

October 12 - 18 2014 to the region of Sumatra.


Activities offered in this tour are:

- Picking a coffee cherry

- Demonstration of pruning aof

- Demonstration of coffee processing

- Became a part of the farm, plant a tree and put a name tag on the tree

- Dinner with farmers


More info on the tour, please contact:

ACTION / SCAI Secretariat

PIC: Mr. Irvan (+62811146046)

Phone: +62217511941

Fax: +62217511411