Promotion of Sweater Door-to-Door to Dream Apparel Inc.
In an effort to strengthen the relationship with the US importer and promote Indonesian garment products, Consul General of Indonesia in Los Angeles (LA), Mr. Umar Hadi along with ITPCLA made a "door-to-door" meeting with a large garment importers in the US, Dream Apparel. Meetings are held in the permanent exhibition room Dream Apparel building California Market Center, Downtown LA. At this meeting the CFO of Dream Apparel, Mr. Hak Lee, warmly welcomed Consul General and ITPCLA in Dream Apparel discussion on experience of doing business in and with Indonesia, and technical barriers to production in Indonesia.
Dream Apparel
Dream Apparel is a US garment company that has been established for 40 years which has factories in Indonesia, China and South Korea. Supply products of this company is 70% to 30% to Walmart, Nordstrom, Target and JC Penney. Factories in Indonesia, PT. SJ Mode, manufactures knit, tank tops, jackets and polo t-shirt with total exports to the US per year up to US $ 60 million. Although there are some obstacles in production in Indonesia, such as the registration process in customs and excise, Dream Apparel has plans to expand and build a new factory in Indonesia. The expansion is in line with its drastic increase in demand from Walmart, because of the problems in Bangladesh, which had become one of the major sources of sourcing from Walmart. If the expansion in Indonesia ran smoothly, capacity and orders can reach double, approximately US $ 120 million.
"With this meeting, we would like to Convey to you our sincere appreciation and how important your business is for Indonesia's economy." Said Consul General, Mr. Umar Hadi. In addition to maintain a good relationship, ITPCLA and Consulate of Indonesia in Los Angeles will also assist Dream Apparel in getting help from Bank Mandiri, BNI or BRI so that its expansion plans can be realized well and on time. ITPCLA and Consulate of Indonesia will continue to foster good relations, monitor and support Dream Apparel to simplify its business, both in terms of investment, exports and expansion.