International Day Mayfield Junior School

Various variants of Indonesian ice cream flavor are displayed at International Day event at Mayfield Junior School on Friday, January 26, 2018 in Pasadena - California, USA. The Indonesian booth showcased various Indonesian cultural diversity such as angklung, wayang golek, traditional Indonesian masks as well as Smooze tropical fruit-flavored ice cream.

Smooze is an ice cream product that can be stored at room temperature, and only needs to be frozen before it is served. Made from coconut milk, Smooze comes in fruit-flavored variants such as banana, pineapple, mango and guava.



Without artificial flavorings, coloring, and sweeteners, preservatives, cholesterol, trans-fat, dairy, gluten, and made with non-Genetically Modified Organism (non GMO) ingredients, this product is in line with the natural food trend in the US.



The Consulate General of Indonesia and ITPC Los Angeles' participation at International Day held by Mayfield Junior School is expected to create cultural closeness and introduce the taste of Indonesian products.



International Day is an annual event organized by Mayfield Junior School, a private school in Pasadena to introduce cultural diversity in different parts of the world. Through this event, the students can begin to learn about, recognize, appreciate diversity.