Indonesia's Finest Products
Many artisanal and mass-manufactured apparel and accessories are produced on Indonesian soil. Apparel accounts for over 4,5 billion USD or over 22% of Indonesian exports to the US, making it the #1 export product. Indonesia is the third largest exporter of US knitted apparel and clothing, and the fourth largest exporter of woven apparel and clothing.


Indonesia is the number one source of natural rubber in the US, and thus rubber and articles of rubber accounts for over 10% of all exports in 2017 with over 2 billion USD. Other than natural rubber, this segment includes 750 million USD of rubber tires and other articles of rubber.


Indonesia is home to many footwear manufacturers. The Jakarta Post reported that Indonesia exported 661 million pairs of footwear, 28,12% of which goes to the US, followed by China, Belgium, Germany, and Japan. Meanwhile, Indonesia exports a total of USD 1,5 billion footwear to the US, being the third source for foreign-manufactured footwear in the US.


Craftsmanship as well as access to raw material make Indonesia the hub of wood and rattan furniture production. GBG Indonesia reported that Indonesia is responsible for 85% of the world’s rattan, as well as abounding in quality wood such as Teak and Mahogany.


Fish and Seafood

As an archipelago with 5,8 million square km of water, Indonesia abounds in fish and seafood products. Other than the quantity and quality of seafood products, Indonesia is increasing its seafood sustainability and traceability.[1] Indonesia has been one of US main fish and seafood source, with over USD 1,2 billion of import from Indonesia in 2017, an increase of 5.54%. The main seafood products are crustaceans such as shrimp, as well as fresh, chilled, or frozen fish fillet.



Food and Beverage

The equatorial sunshine, high rainfall, and vast fertile soil of Indonesia make it a natural hotspot of quality agricultural food products. Meanwhile, the abundance of culture results in various food tradition and innovation, with exports of natural, prepackaged, snacks, sauces, condiments, and processed food.


Indonesia is the 7th largest exporter of silver to the US in 2017. Indonesia’s silver centers – Bali, East Java, and Yogyakarta, features various silversmiths that makes Indonesian silver distinct. On the other hand, as a marine country, Indonesia produces pearls such as south sea pearls. Indonesia is the world’s 10th largest exporter of pearls in 2015.


Medical Equipments

Medical instrument manufacturing is growing significantly in Indonesia, making it one of the main potential export products.


Coffee, Tea, and Spices
As an island of flavors, Indonesia abounds with various coffees, teas, and spices. Indonesia’s iconic Sumatra coffee is known for its unique flavor – but it doesn’t stop there – Java, Sulawesi, Aceh Gayo, and various other coffees have various different flavor notes. Teas – loose leaves and RTD’s are an essential part of Indonesia’s culture. And as for spices – they’re simply a part of life that we'd like to share with the world.


Musical Instruments

With a 20% increase of export to the US between 2016 to 2017, Indonesia is the second largest source of musical instruments. with electric musical instruments, pianos, harpsichords, other keyboard string instruments, and wind musical instruments leading Indonesia’s exports. Indonesia’s export also