How to wear Ikat on your first coffee date.

1. Add a modern edge to the intricacy of your Ikat by wearing monochromatic colors, putting Ikat as a statement piece. All-black is a good idea if you’re worried of getting the jitters and spilling food all over your chic outfit. Wear all-white and you’re sure to stand out in any rustic little coffee shop.

2. If you’re not familiar yet with the patterns, wear modern Ikat patterns, such as the diamond-shaped or zig-zag patterns.

3. Tongue-tied? No problem. Talk about the cultural and social responsibility of Ikat. Ikat weaving and dyeing skills are often passed down from generation to generation, making the skill second-nature to the community. The Indonesian Ikat on E v e r i n a ’s clutch is made by women in a cooperative that provides education, workshop, and training, for example on Ikat patterns and color that are marketable to the public.

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