House of Explore Indonesia

House of Explore Indonesia

Los Angeles, December 2018

House of Explore Indonesia (HEXI) – Los Angeles was launched on November 1st, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, as a nation branding initiative to raise awareness and appreciation of Indonesia through products, people, arts and culture.  Founded by Indonesian diaspora Melany Lintuuran and the Director of Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) - Los Angeles, Antonious Budiman, within a few months of its launch HEXI has started representing a good number of Indonesian brands in Los Angeles.  HEXI is currently run and managed by Melany and partners Harry Surja and Vonny Pangemanan-Pascoal. 

“We hope to provide an opportunity for our local communities here in Los Angeles to experience what it’s like to explore Indonesia, to present our culture and heritage through goods, food and beverages.  Basically, when you come to our pop-up booth or events, you don’t just come to a retail space, you are getting an experience.” explained Melany.

Understanding the fashion scene and the culture of Los Angeles, HEXI actively puts together events, and seeks collaborations with local brands and boutiques to create unique pop-up shop experiences in different areas in Los Angeles.  At each event, HEXI representatives receive immediate feedback from retail and wholesale buyers in different communities. This input is then relayed to the brands so they can make immediate or necessary changes needed to succeed in Los Angeles market. 

Melany herself is not a stranger to Los Angeles fashion scene, thanks to her collaborations and relationships with the Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) team.  Through Melany’s work with LAFW, Indonesian fashion designers have been featured on LA’s most prestigious runways.  Thus, HEXI has the advantage of strong access to LA’s fashion world.  

“Understanding the market’s demand is key to the success of brands we represent.  This way we are able to help with valuable product development information for the brands, while at the same time providing and fulfilling customer wants and needs in Los Angeles.”

In a short period since their launch date, HEXI has successfully placed the brands they represent at boutiques in Los Angeles.  Through their participation in the Market Space and Runway of the Fair Trade Fashion Show on November 11th, 2018 in the Arts District area of Downtown Los Angeles, HEXI was able to bring exposure to the work of Indonesian brands which apply the ethos of Sustainability and Fair Trade in their work.   

“We were very grateful to be a part of Fair Trade Fashion Show, it gave us the opportunity to represent brands who work closely with small artisans in Indonesia such as Toko-Toko, Everina, Kasih Co-op, Rumah Rakuji, Sav Lavin and more.  We are also grateful to be able to represent men’s wear Union Well in this event.”   Said Melany.

HEXI is supported by the ITPC of Los Angeles.  “Artisan skills can be an opportunity to increase income and provide jobs for many in rural Indonesia.  We have so many talents in our islands, various artisan skills creating excellent products.  This is what we would like to showcase more to the U.S. market, an opportunity to work with artisans in Indonesia.”  Explained Antonius.

HEXI’s brands and collections had been featured exclusively at the chic Mar Vista Art Dept boutique and Le Pop Up luxury boutique on Abbot Kinney street in Venice, California.

Brands represented under HEXI are also available for wholesale purchase.  Buyer meetings and showroom are hosted by the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center-Los Angeles located on 3457 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.  HEXI is also available online at .  To check on updates and locations of their next events and pop-up shops you can check their Instagram at @hexi.losangeles.