Get a Taste of Sumatra Coffee in San Diego: Caffe Calabria
ITPCLA made a visit to one of importers and roasters of Indonesian coffee, Caffe Calabria, located in the city of San Diego, California. Caffe Calabria was established in 2000 and since its inception has been importing coffee in Indonesia, such as coffee from Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. In addition to being an importer and roaster, Caffe Calabria also has a café that sells breakfast, lunch and dinner food such as omelets, sandwiches and pizza, as well as the famous specialty coffee in the neighborhood of San Diego - Sumatra Coffee and more.
Indonesian Coffee
According to the Head Roaster Caffe Calabria, John Herrmann, in addition to single origin coffee and decaffeinated, Sumatra coffee is very suitable to be combined with a coffee from South America into the espresso. Espresso coffee from Caffe Calabria is a combination of several regions, including Sumatra, that imported coffee from Sumatra continues over time due to high demand.
Kahwa Coffee from West Sumatra
In addition Arabica coffee, Caffe Calabria also interested Kahwa Coffee from West Sumatra, Indonesia, which was first introduced to the US buyer, by the Indonesian delegation at the 2014 SCAA exhibition, where ITPCLA met with Head Buyer of Caffe Calabria, Mr, Mike Helms. Mike expressed his seriousness and interest to buy Kahwa Coffee from Indonesia. This visit also to follow-up will be the interest of Caffe Calabria. Caffe Calabria was still very interested and serious to buy this exclusive Kahwa Coffee. 

Whenever you're in the San Diego area, make sure to come stop by to this place - 3933 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104. You will not regret it!