Curious about Natural Dyes? This Batik Tote Bag Workshop Presents it in an Interactive Demo

Los Angeles, October 7, 2017 - Art lovers from all over Los Angeles attend a natural Batik Tote Bag workshop at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2017 held by Chinatown LA on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Supported by the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Los Angeles, this workshop is hosted by Agung Wimbo and uses products and dyes that are not harmful to the environment.

In addition to the workshop, the Indonesian pavilion displays fashion products from sustainable brands Toko Toko and Martini and Milk, as well as a sampling of Indonesian snacks and drinks. Toko Toko is an LA-based company owned by Lolo Santosa that carries sustainable and eco-friendly Indonesian brands. Each brand that Toko Toko represents are women-owned, uses environmentally-friendly material, and works closely with their artisans to ensure fair wages and health and education benefits. The Indonesian snacks displayed and sampled includes chocolate wafer rolls, cassava and mixed roots chips, coconut water, noodles, and various other palatable samplings sponsored by Jans Enterprises Corp., Empire International, and Takari International, Inc.

“The participants doubled from the original RSVP list,” said Lolo Santosa regarding the natural-dyed Batik Tote Bag workshop. “We ran out of tote bags, but people ran back home and insisted to join the workshop by making patterns on their own shirts and clothing materials.”

Various Indonesian brands are starting to take into account women empowerment, social development, and environmental sustainability. Customers of retail products are also increasingly concerned about the environmental, social, and economic elements of consumer goods, as reported by late last year.