Business-Matching for NUSA Project

NUSA Project Business-Matching

More than 75 fashion and home décor business entrepreneurs came to hear about the opportunity to penetrate U.S. market through NUSA Los Angeles project Monday, December 11, 2017. The NUSA presentation and business-matching took place in Showroom Indonesia Design Development Center (IDDC), Indonesian Trade Ministry Building.


The NUSA project is a result of a collaboration between ITPC LA, KJRI LA, Indonesian diaspora, and business entrepreneurs in LA to create a multifaceted trade ecosystem under one roof.


As a gateway access to Indonesian product and lifestyle, NUSA will be offering both intangible and tangible services. With its physical and online store, NUSA will be a retail center, wholesale import, a place to invest and promote tourism. In addition to the physical and online store, NUSA offers services, such as bringing together vendor and potential retail store, product photo shoot, social media management, branding assistance and product placement.


Collaboration with ITPC Los Angeles will pave a way for vendors that want to be a part of NUSA to bring their products to various exhibition in the United States.


In this opportunity, ITPC Los Angeles, together with NUSA LLC Management and LA-based Fashion & PR Consultant Dietch PR explained NUSA project's concept and strategy.

“The three main strength of NUSA is the creation of direct sales for retail and wholesale, product branding, and the convenience to import products from Indonesia,” Antonius Budiman, Director of ITPC Los Angeles, stated. “NUSA will create speed-to-market Indonesian product to fulfill the demand in the United States.”


In addition to the meeting in the Ministry of Trade building, NUSA management also has met more than 25 entrepreneurs. To date, NUSA is in the process of approaching those brands.


Fashion, Accessories, and Home Decor Trends

Lifestyle product such as fashion apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, furniture, home décor, and jewelry are included in the top 20 US import goods. Meanwhile, these products make up 35% of U.S. imported goods from Indonesia; in a total of US$6,900,990,167 from the total of US$ 19,194,383,875 in 2016.


Weaved or knitted attire and accessories is Indonesian main export to the U.S. Both of these export reach US$ 4,746,914,729 in the year 2016.


Meanwhile, footwear is the 4th biggest export from Indonesia with the value of US$ 1,461,811,968 in 2016; it grew 2.55% from the past year. In the period of January-October 2017, export of footwear from Indonesia grew 5.09% from US$ 1,210,959,610 to US$ 1,272,611,583.


Furniture and home décor is the 9th largest Indonesian export to the United States with the total value of US$ 692,263,470. After declining 8.59% from 2015 to 2016, Indonesian export grew 6.23% in the period of January-October 2017 from US$578,767,920 to US$ 614,839,335 in the same period in 2016.


Lifestyle products stays in the forefront of Indonesian export to the U.S., and presents an opportunity that can further develop with the right penetration strategies.