Authentic Indonesia Food Tasting and Workshop
Los Angeles, Calif., - January 16 2015 – the Authentic Indonesia: Food Tasting and Workshop today was held at the Consulate General of Indonesia in Los Angeles and received with enthusiasm from the Los Angeles community. The event is a collaboration between Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPCLA), Consulate General in LA and Javara. Among the distinguished VIP guests was Mr. Norman Arikawa, Deputy Director of LA Port and Mrs. Julia Gouw, President and COO of East West Bank.
Consul General of Indonesia in Los Angeles, the Honorable Umar Hadi opened the event with opening remarks, stating “Promoting Indonesia’s culinary to the U.S is going to be one of this Consulate’s focuses. Thank you, Ibu Mari Elka Pangestu, who has been one of the prime igniters to promote Indonesia’s culinary and food heritage internationally.”
As a foodie himself, Consul General is looking forward to better explore and promote Indonesian food in Los Angeles, working closely with Indonesian Diaspora community in Los Angeles.
The former Minister of Trade and Minister of Creative Economy and Tourism of Indonesia, Mrs. Mari Elka Pangestu presented a speech along with a presentation about Indonesia’s 30 Traditional Culinary Icons, “Indonesia has an extraordinary potential in biodiversity and it should be the biggest asset to increase Indonesia’s authentic food and culinary culture around the world. Our culinary has also the number 1 biggest potential from Indonesia’s Creative Economy TOP 15 products.” said Mrs. Pangestu. The 30 Traditional Culinary Icons was developed to narrow down – simplify and intensify - the diversity of Indonesian food promotion that it will accepted in any taste buds around the world.
30 Traditional Culinary Icons 
Among the TOP 30 food are Gado-gado, Rendang, Nasi Tumpeng, Serabi and more – from appetizers to desserts. Each of the 30 Icons corresponds to a specific city or province in Indonesia, thus promoting the region itself through its culinary heritage. Each food has specific stories, for example Mrs. Pangestu explains that Rendang means slow cooking and explained that the making of Rendang traditionally associated with family gathering and bonding.
Sharing Session and Q & A
Head of ITPCLA, Mr. Arief Wibisono, during the sharing session said “We initiated this event with a vision to inform, educate and encourage the communities in LA about Indonesia’s authentic food. We also created this event Indonesian diaspora in LA as an encouragement and inspiration to develop a passion for entrepreneurship in Indonesian food and culinary related businesses.” Mr. Wibisono said that as more similar food and culinary-related events will be initiated, we are full of hope that in the next several years Indonesian food and culinary culture will be well-known in the U.S as well as internationally.
At the sharing session, Founder and CEO of Javara, Mrs. Helianti Hilman explained about her business that after 5 years of operation, under JAVARA brand, the company now has build a partnership with over 50,000 farmers and 50 food artisans from across Indonesia. Up to today, Javara has developed and marketed over 500 premiums natural and organic food products of which over 190 are certified under EU, US NOP & Japan standard and the products have been exported to Europe, America and Asia. Furthermore, Mrs. Hilman shared about different food coloring and the health benefits of the many of Indonesia’s natural products.
Cooking Demo
During her cooking demo, she cooked pan-fried chicken using non-aromatic coconut oil, infused salt and spices such as Bali Petutu – personalized spices by Javara made from the combination of red onion, garlic, turmeric, betel leaf and chili. Another food that was is the demos are Yellow Rice/Nasi Tumpeng (one of the 30 Traditional Culinary Icons), Butterfly Pea Flower rice (blue rice), sambal roa, sambal kenari, gulai sauce and sayur lodeh sauce. Online purchase will be available in the U.S within the next 4 months as a result of a recent partnership with a distributor based in Portland, Oregon. For more
information on Javara, visit
The Indonesian government representatives in Los Angeles, the Consulate General and ITPCLA, are committed to strengthen and promote Indonesian food and culinary related in Los Angeles and the U.S. As we gear into 2015, we are confident that more Indonesian food products and culinary will be exposed, benefiting both the community in the U.S who cares about healthy food lifestyle as well as Indonesian food exporters.
Media Contact:
Emelie Pelenkahu
Indonesia Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPCLA)