As Export Increased, Government of Indonesia Gives Awards to American Importers
Indonesian products are traded in the United States have, significantly, increased in recent years. In addition to improved Indonesian product's quality, this increase is also due to the role of entrepreneurs in the US who have been importing products from Indonesia.
That is why the Indonesian Government - through the Consulate General in Los Angeles - giving a deep appreciation of the role of the American importers. Appreciation is given in the form of the award "Primaduta Award," says the Consulate General in Los Angeles.
At the "Buyers Appreciation Night," event which took place on Tuesday evening local time, Primaduta Award is given directly by Consul General of Indonesia in Los Angeles, Umar Hadi, to the four US importers.
The winning companies are Dream Apparel (importer of textile products), Papermax USA Inc. (importer of paper), Solaris Paper (paper products importer / tissue), and Takari International (importer of food products and beverages).
"Primaduta Awards is the right and important attempt for the Government of Indonesia, in order to appreciate the loyalty and commitment of the international importers doing business with Indonesia." Said Umar. "This appreciation is also expected to be a stimulus boost Indonesia's exports to the US and established trade relations could continue to be developed on an ongoing basis," said former Deputy Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
Umar also said that good relations with importers in the United States has been enhanced by the program "door-to-door marketing" Consulate General in Los Angeles during 2014-2015. "Efforts to increase exports and innovation will continue to be done because Los Angeles is the main gateway entry of Indonesian export products to the US," said Umar.
Importers and businesses in the United States welcomes this award. "Events like this needs to be done as a means to build up networking between businesses in the Greater LA Area, the Government of Indonesia, and the US government," said Hak Lee, President and CEO of Dream Apparel.
For Lee, this award gives extra zest to the importers to increase their business with Indonesia. Dream Apparel leadership of Lee is now importing clothes and adult children of Indonesia for distribution to retail network of well-known in the US, such as Walmart, JC Penney and Kohl's.
Primaduta Award is an award given by the Government of Indonesia in promoting the growth of Indonesia's exports to the global market and in order to build loyalty and a strong networking between the buyer with Indonesian exporters.
Buyers Appreciation Night event was attended by businessmen, representatives of the US - Former LA City Councilmember, Mr. Tom Lebonge, Indonesia America Business Council, LA Port and journalists. The event was held at the Consulate General was attended by more than 50 people by serving Indonesian food.
Primaduta Award this year entered its second year, in which 210 importers from around the world conducted 60 assessments and produce the best importers from 22 countries. Primaduta Award submission itself has been carried out directly by the President Joko Widodo to the Indonesian Government Representatives Abroad at the opening of the mat Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 30, dated October 21, 2015, in Jakarta.