Indonesia Remarkable Coffee at SCAA Show April 24-27 2014


Los Angeles, Calif., February 10 2014 – To stay consistent in the coffee industry in the U.S, Indonesia continues its annual participation at the prominent SCAA show 2014. At the show, which will be held in Seattle, April 24-27 2014 at the Washington State Convention Center, Indonesia (booth #12135) will showcase its world-renowned coffees such as Sumatra, Toraja, Mandheiling, Gayo, Bali, Java andCivet coffee.Connoisseur’s regards coffee from Indonesia, from the regions of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Flores, Papua and Bali, as some of the most flavorful in the world. With the rich characteristics in aroma and flavor, Indonesia coffees have made a mark in the coffee industry around the world, specifically the U.S.


According to a date by the U.S Dept. of Commerce in 2013, Indonesia ranked number 4th coffee export to the U.S with a total of US $515 million and a 7.39 percent share, making Indonesia to continue to be one of the top coffee producers in the U.S. Indonesian coffee is full of unique character and high taste or often referred to specialty coffee. Character or flavor of coffee when one is drinking coffee will taste like the smell of the soil after rain scalded. Every region in Indonesia, such as Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java, Papua and Bali coffee has its own flavor. Sumatra – intense flavor, with cocoa and tobacco notes, Java – heavy body with a lasting finish, Sulawesi – good, sweet and full-body with warm spice notes, Papua – heavy body and spicy finish, Flores – heavy body, sweet with chocolate and warm spice notes.


Not to mention, the Civet Coffee that many coffee lovers have been buzzing about will also be showcased at the Indonesian Pavilion. A testing by Andy Campbell, Huffington Post contributor, indicated that civet coffee tasted good. Campbell said in his article ‘Cat Poop Coffee' Taste Test: Civet-Digested Beans vs. Starbucks vs. 7-Eleven’ - - Our Verdict: It is delicious, and it doesn't taste like cat poop. In a blind taste test, 70 percent of participating HuffPost editors said they liked civet coffee over Starbucks and 7-Eleven coffee.” Buyers or coffee lovers who wants to discover more about Civet Coffee, we invite you to stop by at our booth and meet directly with Indonesian exporters or government officials who will be present. 

We cordially invite you to come to the Indonesian Remarkable Coffee Pavilion, booth #12135-12139 and #13134-13138 at the SCAA show this April 2014! You will get an opportunity to meet with new and potential suppliers as well as cupping and sampling.

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