The Spice Guru Goes to Indonesia


PRESS RELEASE: Mr. Recipe, the “Spice Guru”, Goes to find Indonesia’s Best Spices


LOS ANGELES, Calif. - July 11,2013 – Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPC LA) is excited to announce that the “Spice Guru”, Chef Aaron Isaacson, better known as Mr. Recipe, will be coming to Indonesia!  Chef Aaron is known as the great master of spices from around the world. For more than 20 years, he has been selling the finest spices to high-end chefs in the United States. Chef Aaron gratuated from the prestigious CIA (Culinary Institue of America) in 1983 and used to work for La Côte Basque and the Russian Tea Room. 


From the hottest chilies to the sweetest nugmegs, Mr. Recipe have it all! Chef Aaron import spices from Madagascar, Vietnam, Mexico, India, and many other countries. But one of his most favorite place to get spices would be no other than Remarkable Indonesia! Some of his favorite spices from Indonesia are, Lampong peppercorn, Indonesian long pepper, ginger, and Sarawak white pepper.  


As the world's largest producer and  the leading exporter of cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cardamo, and clove, Indonesia is rich with many unique spices. Mr. Recipe is on a mission to bring greater exposure to Indonesian spice and at the same time highlighting and celebrating their origin, Indonesia. Chef Aaron plans to visit Indonesia for the first time in September 2013. He is also in the process of working with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles and Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles to create a documentary about Indonesian spices that will be broadcasted on his upcoming online web series. Mr. Recipe longs to capture the story behind Indonesian spices, from when the spices are harvested up to the point when they have been processed and used as key ingredients in home cooked meals. As he always say, “viewers want a good story.”


Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles first met Mr. Recipe at the 59th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, NY. Mr. Recipe had the chance to visit the Indonesian Pavilion at the show and personaly met with the 9 Indonesian food companies exhibiting at the show. Mr. Recipe loved all the foods that represented Indonesia at the show, but his favorite was Luwak Coffee. It was his first time sipping a freshly brewed Luwak Coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world today.


ITPC LA wil continue to work closely with the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles, and the Ministry of Tourism and Creatif Economy, to ensure that Mr. Recipe’s vision to promote Indonesian spices will become a reality.


As Mr. Recipe would always say, “have a spicy day!”


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