Brooklyn Roasting Company: Selling a Variety of Indonesia's Specialty Coffee One Cup at a Time


Brooklyn Roasting Company:

Selling a Variety of Indonesia’s Specialty Coffee One Cup at a Time


Brooklyn Roasting Company

“When we buy more coffee, we change lives at origin.” Brooklyn Roasting Company (BRC) is both a roastery and an espresso lab based in Brooklyn, New York. What began as a small company with 3 employees and a small café on the side for retail, BRC is now a growing company with 46 employees and a 3rd café that is opening very soon. The owner of this very special company is Mr. Michael Pollack, an American with a big appetite for specialty coffee from around the world. Mr. Pollack started his coffee business 2 ½ years ago simply out of a deep love for coffee, and Indonesia’s coffee is responsible for the growth and success of the company today. Nevertheless, the vision and mission of Brooklyn Roasting Company has evolved overtime. Not only does it intend to help people fall in love and have a passion for coffee, Mr. Pollack has the desire to sell more coffee in order to buy more coffee and change lives at origin. In other words, he wants to change the lives of others for the better with one cup of coffee at a time.

Located in the historic coffee center in Brooklyn that once housed the largest coffee roaster of America in the 19th century, BRC currently carries 6 different kinds of Coffee from the different and unique islands of Indonesia. From their regularly brewed coffees to their wide selections of espresso, the coffee they buy from Indonesia remains to be the heart and soul of their business.

BRC sells their coffee to restaurants, cafes, and retail stores in the greater metropolitan area and through the 2 cafes that they currently operate in New York. Through their coffee, BRC is introducing and showcasing coffees from around the world. Besides selling coffees from Indonesia, BRC also carries coffees from the Americas and East Africa (Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania).  

Mr. Pollack states that BRC will continue to expand in the US market and is looking forward to explore and buy more coffees from the world, especially Indonesia. Through attending coffee expositions such as The Specialty Coffee Event organized by Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), Mr. Pollack hopes to continually be exposed to the growing market and the latest trend in the industry.


Brooklyn Roasting Company & Indonesia

Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Los Angeles met with Mr. Michael Pollack and was introduced to Brooklyn Roasting Company for the first time during the 25th Annual Exposition of SCAA in Boston, Massachusetts. During the interview with ITPCLA, Mr. Pollack warmly welcomed ITPCLA and expressed His deep love for coffee that originates from Indonesia. Although Mr. Pollack has yet to visit Indonesia, he is well pleased with the many different consumer products offered by Indonesia and more importantly, the people of Indonesia. Mr. Pollack hopes to one day be able to travel to Indonesia for at least 2 months and embark on an adventure to look for the best coffee Indonesia can offer, while enjoying the rich and unique culture and landscape of Indonesia.

In regards to buying coffee from Indonesia, Mr. Pollack expressed his concern with the long distance that the coffees from Indonesia have to travel in order to get to the United States. He understands that the process of getting the coffee from the place of origin to the United States is time consuming and many times tedious, nonetheless, he hopes that coffee from Indonesia will continue to be maintained in its quality and distinct characteristic. He wishes that the people harvesting and handling the coffee beans in Indonesia will put all their love and care to the products, so that consumers from around the world will be able to get the richness and authenticity of Indonesia’s coffee.

Before concluding the interview, ITPCLA also had the chance to ask Mr. Pollack’s opinion about the overall of Indonesian products and their prospect of entering the US market. Mr. Pollack said, "All kinds of products from Indonesia has an opportunity to be introduced in New York and the rest of America, and if coffee is leading the way, they have opened a very large door." He also added that Indonesia should pay more attention on third party certifications such as fair trade, organic, and many others, as it is important to US importers. All in all, Mr. Pollack is very pleased with the idea of more quality products made in Indonesia entering the international market, and hopes that the eyes of the world will be open to richness of Indonesia’s natural resources and outstanding human resources.

ITPCLA will continue to build relationship with Mr. Michael Pollack and help his business grow hand in hand with Indonesia.


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