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About Bali Queen

Bali Queen, a fashion brand based in beach town of Encinitas, California, was created by an American who has a passion of travelling to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Ms. Eileen, the owner of Bali Queen, travels for leisure to Bali and eight years ago spotted a great opportunity to bring and sell Bali's uniquely hand-crafted accessories and apparel to the United States (US). She has established two retail stores in Encinitas, called Queen Eileen's, and added Bali Queen division soon after she started importing from Bali.

Bali Queen has massive collections of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, women's and kids apparel. All accessories are hand-made beads crafted and apparel is made in Bali by the local artisans who are passionate with making the products. Ms. Eileen now travels four times a year to Bali to visit the suppliers, supervise the quality control and order new products - products that are constantly evolving because of the constant changes of consumers' needs and wants.

Bali Queen is a wholesaler as well as a retailer that is focusing on fashion for all generations - from children, teenagers to the baby boomers. Having both accessories and apparel collections for all generations and being both retailer and wholesaler are strengths that other competitors in the California area do not have. To promote its products, Bali Queen participates at various prominent trade shows around the U.S such as California Gift Show and Magic Trade Show.

Besides the Bali Queen brand, Queen Eileen's store has a variety of unique handicrafts, stationeries and apparels from different sources in the world. Products such as handbags, mugs, jewelries, home decorations, bows and balloons can be found in the store - offering such an affordable price.

 The success that Bali Queen is holding comes after hard work and dedication to continue to build a good relationship with Balinese suppliers and always in tune of what costumers need and want in fashion.  


Importing from Bali

In a recent interview with ITPCLA, Ms. Eileen gave ITPCLA such warm welcome, sat down and discussed with us her experience in importing from Bali, strengths and opportunities of Indonesian products and advices in importing from Bali.

It has been quite a journey for her in importing from Bali. According to Ms. Eileen, most of the people that she met in Bali are very kind and honest. Importers just have to be very patient in dealing with Balinese suppliers, understand that Balinese have a lot of religious holidays where they do not work and it's not just them, it's everybody, understand that Balinese artisans are not as motivated, and to know the right money changer to go to is a plus.

In terms of the strengths of Indonesian products, Ms Eileen said, "Absolutely gorgeous artisans' craftsmanship and ideas, everything is constantly changing, there is always something new." Ms. Eileen also added that the opportunity of Indonesian products, especially jewelry and apparel is endless.

Importing is not for the weak hearts, importers need to be tenacious and organized with money to make it all happen. To Eileen, it's been an exciting journey of learning and growing in her jewelry and apparel business. Even though the economy in the U.S is facing a recession phase, it doesn't affect her business much. In fact, her business is growing because of the company's strength, selling affordable yet fashionable jewelry and apparel. "Most of the things that I sell are under $20, so that's been our strength. We offer affordable and beautiful products."

To conclude the interview, Ms. Eileen gave some advice in importing from Indonesia, for any company who is just starting to, is that the most important thing is to take percentage of everything that was sold and put it back into products, you also have to be very diligent with that because if importers are not organized that way, it is going to be too hard to survive. 

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