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About Carpenter Company

Carpenter Co. was founded in 1948 after the World War II by Mr. E. R Carpenter (shown in picture above left) who began a latex cushioning business in his own garage in Richmond, Virginia. He quickly gains such a good reputation among his customers and his business was rapidly growing that he brought a new idea of manufacturing foam from flexible urethane. He brought this manufacturing process from Germany to Richmond in 1956 and today, Carpenter is one of US largest company that manufactures foam as the main ingredients for mattresses, beds, pillows, and furniture.

            Carpenter Co. has also several divisions within its core company, such as non-woven acoustic, ail filtration media, bed, carpet cushion, chemistry, chemical systems, polystyrene extensive services, consumer products, flexible foam packaging, furniture and fabrication, polyester fiber, foam polyurethane and tire fillers. Specific products of Carpenter Co. are urethane foam, foam carpets and cushions, foam furniture pads and fiber applications, air flirtations media and bedding. The products are then sold in big and conventional furniture and bed suppliers world-wide and in the U.S such as Sealy and Simmons.

Aside from its headquarter and factory based in Richmond, Virginia, Carpenter has several other factory branches around the world such as Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden and the UK. Today, the company is one of the largest makers of comfort cushioning products in the world with 19 foam producing plants, 4,700 employees and 56 global locations. Carpenter Co. innovatively improves and evolves from time to time and has established such prominent name in the foam industry world-wide.


Importing from Indonesia: The Experience

            When the labor cost, production cost, power and currency exchange in China started to escalate few years ago, Carpenter was determined to find the next China. They then found a way to source from Indonesia and found Indonesia as the potential new China. Carpenter’s first trade experience with Indonesia was in 2008 when Import Manager, Mr. Lynn Ashby went to Indonesia’s largest export products trade show, Trade Expo Indonesia 2008, in Jakarta with an ultimate goal to find alternative suppliers for bed & pillow case fabrics and zipper as well as potential cost savings. Determined to have a successful trip, through Trade Expo Indonesia 2008 he then found reliable suppliers; 2 polyester suppliers, 4 textile suppliers, and a zipper supplier in particular that he has been working with for the past 4 years.

            In the Consumer Product Division, in which Mr. Ashby is a part of, they make pillows, mattress pads, fiber and foam beds and use a lot of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, cotton polyester, woven fabrics, knit and rayon for the covers. For a king-size bed, it needs at least 10 yards of zipper. Those were where the need was and they were able to find Indonesia as a reliable and cost-effective source through Trade Expo Indonesia 2008.

In a recent interview with ITPC-LA, Mr. Ashby welcomed ITPC-LA warmly at the Richmond’s grand and historical office. We came all the way from Los Angeles to Virginia to personally meet him and expressed our gratitude because of Carpenter’s continual trade relations with Indonesia. In this interview, Mr. Ashby shared his great experience when he attended Trade Expo Indonesia in 2008 as well as his experience in importing with Indonesia ever since. In the interview, Mr. Ashby expressed that what intrigued him the most with Indonesian products is the potential cost savings and excellent quality.  With the stable government and economy, Carpenter is interested in alternative product sources that Indonesia can give and found that Indonesia has much potential to be the next China in the near future.  His experience in trade relations with Indonesia thus far has been good; the suppliers offer good price, good long-term relationship and have been very reliable. He found that the people that he met and work with in Indonesia have been very friendly and dependable.

In conclusion, Carpenter Co. found success in importing from Indonesia through attending Trade Expo Indonesia has been maintaining a good relationship with Indonesian suppliers since then and therefore establish such a solid trade relations between U.S and Indonesia.


Check out Carpenter Co. Website: and find out more information about their high-quality products of foam, bedding, carpet cushion, tire and more.


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