Success Story of Selamat Designs: Importing Fine Rattan Furnitures From Indonesia for 24 Years


Calif., November 2012

About Selamat Designs

Founded in 1988, Selamat Designs is a San-Francisco based company that produces stylish natural products from natural material for home furnitures, accessories and hospitality industry. It was founded with an idea of using off-cuts Mahogany from Indonesia for group of desk accessories and book ends designs. As customers’ demand beginning to rise, it expanded into manufacturing stylish yet elegant chairs, accent tables, furnitures and home accessories. Selamat Design now continues to focus on making hands-on natural products with exceptional quality and good value, from rattan chair, desk, wall-art, mirrors, bed frames, dining table, to patio furniture and teak furnitures.  

The company, who since 2004 is owned by Tatcher & Shannon Davis, thrives in the U.S furniture industry offering sophisticated and stylish furnishing of exceptional quality that’s also functional and inventive. Selamat Designs aims its target market to retailers, private label retailers, higher-end designers, hospitality industry such as 4-5 stars hotels and resorts, boutique hotels, home and hospitality designers in the US and world-wide. This company has about 3 permanent showrooms in the U.S such as International Home Furnishing Center (IHFC) in High Point, North Carolina, San Francisco Design Center in San Francisco, California and Smith & Grubbs in Atlanta Georgia.

ITPC-LA first met Selamat Designs at the 2011 IHFC Show in High Point, North Carolina when we were at the show to support Indonesian Rattan Pavilion. When we browsed around the IHFC Show Directory Book, the company’s name, which is “Selamat”, really caught our attention to come stop by at their booth. Selamat in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), means “congratulations”.  When we stopped by, Mr. Tatcher greeted us kindly and we later found out that Selamat Designs sources their rattan materials and produces its products in Indonesia. We were glad that we got a chance to explore the show and found out about this company.

Selamat Designs ultimately offers truly functional, unique, well-designed and well-made furniture that costumers won’t just see in a regular furniture store or in the neighborhood’s house. This company has its own creative way of implementing Asian influences in design and materials meets westernized market taste.


Importing from Indonesia for 24 years

Since it was first founded, Selamat Designs has been continually working closely with Indonesian companies for 24 years to produce its natural and stylish products. The company’s owner, Mr. Thatcher Davis, often comes to Indonesia to personally make a visit to the factories. “We found that the quality of materials and craftsmanship from Indonesia can be very high, can work easily and maintain a good business partnership with manufacturers in Indonesia” said Mr. Thatcher.

Selamat Designs and the Indonesian manufacturers challenge each other in how to make new designs with new materials and therefore create such innovative products. With the always-evolving market that happens in the US and world-wide, Selamat Designs found it important to find new and fresh ideas for designs as well as new materials to use in different ways. 

As furniture industry and manufacturing has evolved in Asia over the past few decades, Indonesia has become more of the recent hot-spots to emerge in Asian source countries.  Indonesia’s prime asset is the able-bodied work force, level of craftsmanship and lower labor cost compare to China and Vietnam. To maintain sustainability in doing trade with Indonesia, Selamat Designs encourages U.S importers who would like to start doing trade with Indonesia to develop strong relationship and to work closely with Indonesian factories.  With developing these key points, Selamat Designs found it at ease in having a fruitful, long-lasting trade relationship with Indonesia.



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Selamat Designs

Corporate & Sales

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South San Francisco, CA 94080

Ph: (650)243-4840

Toll Free: 1(800)492-1776

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