Malabar Mountain Coffee: Cultivating Healthy Life for Luwak, One Step at a Time



Los Angeles, California, May 5 2014 – In the early 2014, Malabar Mountain Coffee - a coffee plantation in West Java, Indonesia - revolutionized Luwak cultivation by maintaining Luwak’s population balance in its original habitat. Malabar Mountain established efforts, such as local breeding, daily health check-ups, plantation that is away from noise and feeding Luwak with their original habitat food to provide a healthy life for Luwak in the plantation. Indonesia appreciates and is proud of such efforts that should be an example to Luwak producers all over Indonesia to do the same.


“Because our Luwak are not merely for coffee production but also for breeding, maintaining the health of Luwak is at the upmost importance,” said Mr. Slamet Prayoga, Director of Malabar Mountain Coffee. The company specifically hired a local veterinarian to perform daily health check-ups. Luwak are being fed with their main diet according to their natural habitat - for fruit and vegetables are banana and papaya, for meat intake is free range chicken and eggs and the most routine is live eel and honey. Luwak in here consume cherries not out of hunger but for the nutrition contained in the cherries. They eat coffee cherries as their desserts. Luwak is believed to produce the best coffee because they use their sense to choose the best cherries, only the best cherries are consumed by Luwak.


The Luwak cultivation of Malabar Mountain Coffee is located in a solitary area because Luwak hate noise. The areas surrounding Luwak are being cleaned daily to maintain their well-being. To some Luwak, this is their natural habitat but to the rest this is their second habitat. Nevertheless, Luwak in this new habitat are being taken care of with passion and love.


With a support from Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia and cooperation with the Association of Coffee Luwak of Indonesia, Malabar Mountain Coffee is committed to continue cultivating healthy life for Luwak, one step at a time.  Malabar Mountain will maintain and improve this revolutionary effort from time to time to provide consumers with the best and high-quality Luwak coffee.


Malabar Mountain Coffee Luwak is now available for wholesale purchase upon request.



About Malabar Mountain Coffee

Malabar Mountain Coffee is a sub company and brand of PT. Sinar Mayang Lestari in the Margamulya Village, nearby the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Malabar Mountain Coffee has a vision to be devoted to move forward together and mission to empowering unity between farmers, producers and consumers and it has an orientation to provide appropriate benefits for the environment and local communities.  Malabar Mountain Coffee was one of the exhibitors in the Remarkable Indonesia Pavilion at the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Expo 2014 – April 24-27 2014 - in Seattle, Washington.


Click on this video to find out more about Kopi Luwak from Malabar Mountain Coffee


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