2014 Summer Trade Mission: Indonesia Leading Food & Beverage Products




Los Angeles, California – July 22, 2014 – The 2014 Summer Trade Mission is a business match-make event, organized by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, to promote the diversity & uniqueness of Indonesia’s food & beverage products to the U.S. The Trade Mission will  consist of 2 events; Indonesian Diaspora National Convention, on August 1-2 2014 – at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans and Louisiana Food Service & Hospitality Expo, on August 2-4 2014 – at the New Orleans Convention Center. Ten (10) Indonesia’s leading suppliers will be at the events, with variety of products from coffee, cake mix powder to instant noodle.


The event was created not only to promote Indonesian products, but also to strengthen trade relations between Indonesia and U.S and to increase Indonesia’s export to the U.S. Indonesia consists of lush islands where the soil is fertile and agricultural resources are cultivated, making it very ideal to plant for fresh raw materials of food & beverages products. With the rising of new technologies, many Indonesian companies have also utilizing that aspect to manufacture their products. Combining the aspects of richness or raw materials and new technologies, the 2014 Summer Trade Mission companies will represent the diversity and uniqueness of Indonesian products as well as the products made with newest technologies.


The companies who will participate are 3 Anoa (www.3anoa.com) – seasoning and chili sauce, PT. Baba Rafi Indonesia (www.babarafi.com) - Turkish kebab franchise, Indofood (www.indofood.com) – instant noodle, snacks, sweet soy sauce, and more, Indokom Group (www.indokom.co.id) – Seafood and Arabica and Robusta coffee, Kakoa Chocolate (www.kakoachocolate.com) – bean to bar chocolate maker, Marguerite Nougat (www.nougatworld.com) - home-made confectionary with 12 flavors such as milk almond, cranberry almond, white chocolate, and more, PT. Mega Abdi Nusa (www.ptman.co.id) – shipping, export and import services, Rendang Uninam (www.rendanguninam.com) – rendang (Indonesia’s signature beef dish) seasoning, PT. Pondan Pangan Makmur Indonesia (www.pondan.com) – dessert mixes, seasoned flour and baking ingredients, and last but not least Saro Foods (www.sarofoods.com) – salted fish chili paste and more.


Buyers & Distributors, we invite you to meet exclusively with these suppliers and discover the potentials and benefits your company can gain through importing products from Indonesia. We will set up one-on-one meetings for you and these companies on August 2-4 2014 should you choose to attend. Contact us to RSVP your attendance and for further assistance! The Ministry of Trade is looking forward to have you start solid and long-term relations with Indonesia and to have your company succeed through doing trade with “Remarkable Indonesia.”



For More Information, Please Contact:

IndonesianTrade Promotion Center Los Angeles (ITPCLA)

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